This is a growing list as we begin to upload some non-digital documents we have in our archives…

DIWO: Do It With Others - No Ecology without Social Ecology make-shift as part of the Furtherfield collaborative networked practices of the DIWO (Do It With Others) series of Email Art and co-curation projects (since 2007) by Ruth Catlow and Marc Garret.
Upstage and cyberformance – contextualising make-shift as part of Arts Council England digital innovation development information
Re-rooting Digital Culture – blog commentary by Ruth Catlow on the Media Arts Ecologies Panel convened by Furtherfield at ISEA 2011
Furtherfield Residency – thoughts and reflections by Helen Varley Jamieson and Paula Crutchlow on the initial development and work-in-progress showing of make-shift
Obscene Jester blog – commentary on 2006 presentation on Eudaimonia for the Cerebral and Experiential panel at (Re)Actor – 1st International Conference of Digital Live Art, Queen Mary’s College, London.
Cooperation in Rural Development Leader + Magazine article on the VANLAND- Visionswitch trans-national exchange between Teignbridge, Devon and County Kildare, Eire 2006
Life After Dartington (Winter 2004) – Interview with Cat Radford and Paula Crutchlow on Blind Ditch and multi-lingual theatre by Josie Sutcliffe HEFCE/DTI Business Fellow.

Listen to John Levack Drever’s sound work for Small Possessions Daily
Buy Sound Marked: Frankfurt HERE

Shaking Hands With Ghosts – video documentation of Tail Biting/Sentimental Journey as part of the 2010 Dartington College of Arts event curated by Melanie Thompson
VANLAND documentary – a reflective document of exhibition footage and interviews with participants, artist’s and stakeholders involved in the 2004-07 VANLAND project in rural Teignbridge.