Global Player

a public art performance by Blind Ditch

Volkhardt Müller 2008/9 - Blind Ditch

Volkhardt Müller(UK/Germany) is a performance and fine artist who works both as an individual and collaborator. Volkhardt is a core member and director of Blind Ditch.

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Augusto Corrieri 2008 - Associate artist

Augusto Corrieri is a performance artist, choreographer and writer.Since 2005 he has been developing a solo-led performance practice in the UK and across Europe, working on how to make spectators critically aware of their place within the construction of a theatre event.

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Tim Dollimore 2008/9 - Associate artist

Tim is a lecturer in Digital Arts Practices at Dartington College of Arts, working professionally as a freelance artist, lecturer, web-designer and media-creative throughout the UK.

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Owen Griffiths 2008 – Guest Player in Cardiff

Owen is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on his individual practice as well as collaborative initiatives and social engagement. He uses drawing, action, cooking and installation as part of a contemporary practice. He is based in Swansea, South Wales.

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