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a public art performance by Blind Ditch

“The uniforms we are wearing...I realise this kind of disguise has its advantages. To the casual officer (policemen, security guards) we appear to be working for a company, which of course is reassuring to many. “Oh, it’s not a bunch of arrogant protesters or artists causing trouble; they are just people hired by a company to promote something…”

From Augusto Corrieri’s blog


Playing Princesshay

Exeter’s new town centre, privately owned and tightly policed seemed a good place to get people’s minds off stretching their credit cards for a minute. Heavy rain made it difficult to engage the public on the main square, so the play took another form

Playing Princesshay, Exeter



The Winners

Exeter 01.08.08

DirtyDog had an elegant bat-swing, a flexible game that hints at previous practice.

The Winners 2008 - DirtyDog

It is only when we invite Hiner that he reluctantly strolls over to defeat us.

The Winners 2008 - Hiner

Exeter 02.08.08

Jimmy has a dangerous looking serve. This means a lot to him - reminding him of China where “there are tables everywhere”.

The Winners 2008 - Jimmy

“It’s all about deception” Mike says as he serves another nasty spin with a smile.

The Winners 2008 - Mike

Brighton 05.08.08

Jaanovic takes to the stage for a melodramatic display of emotions. Truly Olympic feelings arise on this great moment.

The Winners 2008 - Jaanovic

Alligator appears and disappears like a shadow, beating us in between.

The Winners 2008 - Alligator

The Pattaman doesn't suffer a defeat, he defeats us in the best of spirits.

The Winners 2008 - Jamie

Cardiff 06.08.08

The NINJA is a well known street performer in Cardiff and a former competitive player. The Ninja reckons that this type of street competition would reduce knife crime.

The Winners 2008 - The Ninja

Exeter 07.08.08

Penny is has come for this occasion specifically. At the time she is the reigning Exeter table tennis champion.

The Winners 2008 - Penny

Luke defeats us with a slightly unwilling attitude.

The Winners 2008 - Luke

Plymouth 08.08.08

Mike is one of a minority of Grown Ups on this glorious day of Olympic celebrations on Armada Way.

The Winners 2008 - Mike