Global Player

Knowing that we are going to be thrown out we decide to play Princesshay – the new shopping precinct at the heart of Exeter. The whole area is now privately owned. Story goes that when locals were invited to celebrate the opening of “their” new city centre last year, people taking pictures were approached by security and told to pack their cameras away. Being German I’ve got good memories of friends visiting relatives in the GDR, ending up being approached in just about the same way. Funny that on a ground level this incarnation of capitalism should have the same politics as the Stasi. Volkhardt Müller’s blog entry for Exeter

Global Player was developed in 2008 in response to the increasing corporate ownership of city centre space in Britain and the changing sense of what is permissible and acceptable behaviour in a range of public environments – shopping malls to parks, centres of social deprivation to empty concrete thoroughfares. The aim of the project is to provoke inclusive and community based attitudes to public space – going to places where people can’t or don’t want to gather for different reasons, and seeing how we can change the atmosphere and the expectations of that place.

The uniforms we are wearing … I realize this kind of disguise has its advantages. To the casual officer (policemen, security guards) we appear to be working for a company which of course is reassuring to many “oh it’s not just a bunch of arrogant protesters or artists causing trouble; they are just people hired by a company to promote something…
Augusto Corrieri’s blog entry for Brighton   WEBSITE

Global Players are: Volkhardt Mueller, Augusto Corrieri, Tim Dollimore, Owen Griffiths and Cat Radford. Devised and produced by Volkhardt Mueller and Paula Crutchlow. Sound design by John Levack Drever. Table built by John Packer.

Project supported by: Space Invaders – Creative Torbay, Exeter Phoenix, The Basement – Brighton, Chapter – Cardiff, Plymouth City Council.