Helen and Paula arranged the magical elements of telematic performance in a montage of stuff, poetry, sound, images, dialogue, polemic and actions. The evening was constructed so that participants engaged with lots of different parts of themselves: spectator, performer, builder; (inner)-child, learner, team-player. It was utterly engrossing and left us all with a thrilling sense of the unexplored potential of theatre and performance in the networked age.  Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield  READ MORE

make-shift is a unique and intimate networked performance that speaks about the fragile connectivity of human and ecological relationships. The event happens simultaneously between two ordinary houses and a bespoke online performance space accessible to anyone, anywhere with a broadband connection. make-shift is a house party, a chat room, a slide show and a performance process – a live event for the 21st century that re-imagines the private actions of our domestic lives as multiple, interconnected and with global consequences.  WEBSITE

Devised and brokered by Paula Crutchlow and Helen Varley Jamieson.
Sound Design by John Levack Drever and original graphs by Heiko Fischer.