Small Possessions Daily (a suite in 6 parts)

‘Ma ma ma ma say something else, but I can’t it’s like a stuck record and I cry out to whoever will listen and then when I get the attention I have nothing to say and sometimes I feel like a plastic doll that you feed water to and it wets itself but I’m not that at all.’ READ MORE

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before … Inside a sitting room stuffed with heavy furniture, a family slowly suffocates. Children dress as adults and are poisoned by the list of dos and don’ts. The mother woman husband father find themselves starving. Outside in the garden of uncertainty, a lover slowly bleeds to death whilst, other people are talking secrets (which somebody always overhears).


Small Possessions Daily is a choreographic theatre piece influenced by forensics, psychoanalysis and the English Baroque Suite Consort in Fower Parts by Exeter composer, Matthew Locke – a collection of pieces played together in the same key, dance forms which are not danced.

Devised by Paula Crutchlow (writer and director) Cat Radford (writer and performer), Henning Hegland (devising performer) and John Levack Drever (sound design)