Street LAB volunteering opportunity!

Blind Ditch, Exeter Phoenix and MIDI are looking for volunteers to help out as stewards and piano buddies for our musical live art commissions and pop-up pianos, happening in street sites across Exeter during AWE 13-20th May 2017.

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, find out more about art, and meet and talk with artists and art fans. There will be an induction session to orientate volunteers to the project and their responsibilities in the week leading up to AWE, helping everyone to have the confidence to speak to public about the project and their experience of it. We will all celebrate with a cocktail at the end of the week!

Please email Blind Ditch to volunteer for Live Art Busking stewarding, and to volunteer as a piano buddy. Volunteers need to be 18+ Read on for more info…

Briefing meeting – drop-in between 5pm-6pm at Exeter Library Friday 12th May. Ask for Kerrie Seymour.

Street LAB Stewards will be working with Blind Ditch director Paula Crutchlow and community artist and project manager Kerrie Seymour. The artists involved are Berlin chanson duo Princessin Hans who will be performing The Song Dispensary, Performance Artist Alistair Gentry, and Bristol based duo Asthma – find out more about them here. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and confidence in managing successful audience engagement with street based experimental performance. Volunteer stewards will work closely with the artists to make their work a success with the public, and should be good at engaging people on the street in conversation, with an interest in live performance/live art and musical appreciation – in the broadest sense. Spend the whole day with us or just a couple of hours!

Volunteer duties:

  • Helping artists to set up their event with signage and any props or technical equipment – digital recording equipment/amps, furniture and props – at sites organised in advance. Artists may be based in one place, or more itinerant and move around during the day.
  • Liaising with curious members of the public & encouraging participation. Helping artists with money collection.
  • Managing artist and public health and safety by ensuring risk assessment procedures are followed and engagement proceeds as planned.
  • Gathering project evaluation by noting observations and conversations, and handing out and collecting feedback postcards.
  • Engaging with social media – posting and discussing according to protocols set up with artists, Blind Ditch, Exeter Phoenix and Music In Devon Initiative.


  • Volunteer induction – drop-in at Exeter Library between 5pm-6pm Friday 12th May
  • Saturday 13th May 10-2pm x 1 volunteers & 2-6pm x 1 volunteers
  • Sunday 14th May 10-1pm x 1 volunteers & 1-4pm x 1 volunteers
  • Thursday 18th May 10-2pm x 1 volunteer & 2-5pm x 1 volunteer
  • Friday 19th May 10-2pm x 1 volunteers & 2-5pm x 2 volunteers
  • Saturday 20th May 10-2pm x 2 volunteers & 2-6pm x 2 volunteers


Piano Buddies will be working with MIDI directors and steering group members to take care of three street pianos in Exeter city centre – outside Exeter Central Library, The Boatshed (Exeter Quay), and the Guildhall Shopping Centre. It’s a great opportunity for a bit of public playing during your shift!

Volunteer duties:

  • to greet scheduled performers as they arrive, and to encourage the general public to have a go at busking;
  • to keep an eye on the piano to ensure nobody tries to damage or move it;
  • in the case of rain or extreme weather, to cover it with a waterproof tarpaulin, tied down with bungee straps;
  • – to take pics (if possible) of people playing the piano and post to the Exeter Pop-Up Pianos Facebook and project social media
  • Gathering project evaluation by noting observations and conversations, and handing out and collecting feedback postcards.


Monday 15th May: 10am – 2pm x 2 volunteers
Monday 15th May: 2pm – 5pm x 2 volunteers

Tuesday 16th May: 10am -2pm x 2 volunteers
Tuesday 16th May: 2pm – 5pm x 2 volunteers

Wednesday 17th May: 10am – 2pm x 2 volunteers
Wednesday 17th May: 2pm – 5pm x 2 volunteers

Saturday 2oth May: 10am – 2pm x 2 volunteers
Saturday 2oth May: 2pm – 5pm x 2 volunteers

Street LAB is an artist-led project co-visioned and produced by Blind Ditch and in partnership with Music In Devon Initiative. Funded by Arts Council England and Exeter City Council with support from Guildhall Shopping, Exeter Library and The Boatshed, a Bike Shed Theatre pop-up project.